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Dam Dam Craft Cooperative

The Dam Dam Craft Cooperative is an income-generation project established by Tevel B’Tzedek /IsraAid. The project has been running since September 2010 and targets women living in communities which were affected by the January 12th earthquake. The primary purpose of the project is to create a sustainable, long-term income generation source for the women and their families. This is in conjunction with the goal of encouraging personal development, group education and a commitment to volunteer within the community.

Currently the project brings together 75 participants, coming from the three communities, ranging in ages from 20 to 65. Many of the women were previously unemployed prior to the start of the project, some having lost their jobs as a result of the earthquake.

In the initial stage of the project, the women began a five-month training course in the production of paper-mâché crafts. In conjunction with this process the women began the process of coalescing as a cooperative, understanding the importance of adhering to a work schedule, to ensure quality control on the finished products, and to assume partial responsibility for the running of the group. The upcoming challenge for the group is training the women in the areas of marketing and finance. Each group has identified eight representatives: The women will be trained in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Production, Team management.

To our “DAM DAM” Women cooperative project in Haiti, we are looking for

Business program advisor to work with the women and the creative director.

Marketing, Grant writing.

To build a business training program for the women

For a period of half a year

Starting in June 2011

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