First look of Asdivine Hearts on Nintendo Switch

Asdivine Hearts boasts of groundbreaking visual quality, plenty of subquests, a battle arena, treasure to dig for, and an enemy guide to complete. By taking puzzle piece-like jewels and setting them in a box known as a rubix, players are able to customize characters! How far can you level and how many millions of damage can you dish out? All these challenges await you and more!

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  • Travis Mills
    Posted May 26, 2020 1:37 am

    I played it and beat it love the story of this game. I cannot wait until switch releases 2nd game.

  • Stupid Arby’s Bear
    Posted May 26, 2020 1:37 am

    I played a few Kemco rpgs and the battles were nothing but spamming basic attacks. No danger of losing no need for any upgraded skills. Is this any better?

  • JCS
    Posted May 26, 2020 1:37 am

    It's a decent game, reminds me of the final fantasy 1&2 remakes that I played on the PSP like a million years ago!!

  • Mage FromTwitter
    Posted May 26, 2020 1:37 am

    Looks promising

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