Summer Camp for Kids in Rural Haiti

Volunteer in rural Haiti this summer (2012) helping to run a summer camp for kids! US-based Volunteers For Peace has been working with Haiti-based CODEHA, a grassroots youth organization based in La Valle de Jacmel, for over 15 years! Its aim is to bring children, families and communities together around the needs, development, education and rights of young people. VFP is currently collaborating with them on their cultural exchange program “Building Bridges,” sustainability and gardening projects and on bringing clean water to their schools.


La Vallee de Jacmel, SE
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Volunteers For Peace

This year VFP marks 15 years of collaboration with Haitian grassroots organizations. In 2011, VFP sent over 50 volunteers to rural La Vallee de Jacmel to help run five first-ever days camps for 1000 Haitian children with CODEHA, local community organization. VFP is also collaborating with the Vermont Haiti Project and Circle of Friends and will continue providing affordable, meaningful volunteer opportunities to help create sustainable change.


Bioengineering Group

Bioenginnering Group offers services in:
•Flood Control & Hurricane Protection Infrastructure
•Renewable Energy
•Environmental Remediation
•Coastal, River & Wetland Restoration
•Land Development, Site Planning & LEED Design
•Parks, Open Space & Greenways
•Watershed & Stormwater Management
•Community Process, Permitting & Training
•Construction Management, Design / Build

Clean Water, Sanitation, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Construction, Strong, Great in Teams


Seattle, WA
United States
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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Clean Water and Improved Sanitation Extension, Construction and Manual Labor

I am hoping to use my experience and training in water and sanitation in developing countries to assist in the extension of these critical needs to those with limited or no access to such provisions. I am also very willing to assist in any activities needing manual labor, preferably those related to water and sanitation, such as laying pipelines or building improved latrines.

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Certified water treatment and distribution


Wildomar, CA
United States
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Certified as a level II treatment operator and distribution operator by the California State Dept of Public Health.

I would be willing to travel to Haiti to assist with providing clean and safe drinking water, especially during this time of need.