Volunteers Welcome

C.P.R. Haiti - A Sacred Heart Space Temple Charity

C.P.R. Haiti is a faith-based charity group in Alburquerque,NM, Grass Valley,CA and Cabaret,Haiti working for the last 14 years to resuscitate the community and the land in its transformation into a more sustainable nation.Immediately after the earthquake in January 2010, we held a fundraiser in New Mexico and filled a schoolbus with food and medical supplies and delivered it to Cabaret by February 2010, distributing boxes of food as well as monetary donations directly to the people, in our Families4Families program.

Hands On Volunteers

We are a small, grassroots non-profit based in the BVI. We've been supporting children in the Port au Prince area since April, 2010, and are now setting up our own children's home,"Harmony House", which will shelter and nurture eleven children aged 5 to 15 to start. We have two agents on site, and other members visit every three months to bring hands on enrichment.