Haitian Creole and Cultural Immersion Program

Kiskeya Guest House is pleased to announce a 2 week intensive Haitian creole and cultural immersion program in Petite-Riviere, Leogane (Haiti) on January 15-January 28, 2012. The program is geared towards health care workers, volunteers and relief workers seeking cultural competency and/or to assist in the post-earthquake reconstruction of Haiti . Participants will gain a greater understanding of the Haitian culture and learn the basics of the Haitian creole language through a combination of workshops and one to one pairing with native speakers.


Area of Expertise: 
Skill Needed: 
Medical personnel and volunteers seeking cultural competency and Haitian creole language instructions

Mission Team

We are forming teams to provide care and hope to Haiti. All aspects of restoring them to a normal life, including construction, well drilling, water treatment, cooking, child care, health and mental wellness, language interpretation very helpful. A willingness to do whatever needs done. High maintenance individuals should not contact us. We are Christian based and only ask that team members conduct themselves in appropriate manner at all times. contact bobtam00@hotmail.com


VIncennes, IN
United States
Area of Expertise: 
Business Development
Skill Needed: 
medical, construction, teachers, music skills, cooks, kind-hearted-out-of-the-box-thinking leaders
Goods Needed: 
equipment for water filtering/treatment, medical clinic supplies, tools for construction, MRE (meals), school supplies for small children (crayons, paper, coloring books,) baby items diapers, formula (powder form), blankets, small PA system for music and singing program for children,