Business Professionals Needed to Mentor Haitian Entrepreneurs - Can be done from anywhere!

MicroMentor just launched a new program in Haiti and we are actively looking for volunteers interested in supporting job creation and improving livelihoods as Haiti rebuilds. By volunteering a few hours of your time each month to mentor an entrepreneur over Skype, email or phone, you can have a direct, positive impact on Haiti's economic recovery.


A Volunteer Opportunity You Can Do From AnywhereHaiti
Area of Expertise: 
Business Development
Skill Needed: 
Whatever your skills, there is likely an entrepreneur who could benefit from your professional experience. Commonly requested areas of expertise include business planning, marketing strategy, increasing sales, time management, analyzing cash flows, managing finances, and website development. We ask that the mentors in the Haiti program have either 3 years of business ownership experience, 5 years of management experience, or several years of professional experience in a specialized skill set related to business and one of the following: - Fluency in French or Haitian Creole, - Experience doing business in Haiti (or similarly challenging contexts), - OR significant experience relevant to sectors of growth in Haiti (such as import/export businesses, value-added agriculture, energy or textiles/artisan goods)