Medical Teams Needed

Seeking Medical Volunteers

HERnow places medical teams within the hospitals and clinics surrounding
Port-au-Prince and specialize in providing care to those in the tent
cities, while emphasizing the importance of documenting illnesses and
receiving follow up care. Additionally, our organization has had
experience with the current cholera epidemic, and has sent medical
teams to Saint Mark, Port-de-Paix, St. Louis du Nord, and La Point.
We are currently in the process of recruiting additional medical
personnel for the upcoming year.

Our secure property is conveniently located at Delmas 77, and we are


Port au Prince, OU
Area of Expertise: 
Skill Needed: 
Licensed Doctors, Nurses, paramedics, pharmacists
Goods Needed: 
General Medical Donations to support clinic work; fiscal donations

Haiti Medical Relief Team

Altos Federal Group is in the process of developing a candidate pool for medical teams to deploy to Haiti for 90-day assignments. We anticipate that the first medical teams will be deployed in August 2010.

Our medical teams will consist of the following medical professionals.

- General Medical Officers
- Trauma Physicians/Flight Surgeons
- Registered Nurses
- Physician Assistants
- Anesthesiologists
- EMTs/Paramedics
- Orderlies/Runners
- Health Educators
- Chaplin/Counselors
- Pharmacists
- Pharmacy Techs


Columbia, MD
United States
Area of Expertise: