medical supplies

Flights 2 Haiti

Have volunteer charter flights available to Haiti for up to 100:

First Responders (Police Officers, Medics, firemen, etc.)
Volunteers speaking fluent French
Priests (in good and fit medical condition)
Medical Professionals (especially trauma, surgeons, orthopedics, nurses)
infrastructure / construction personnel.

Triage and Emergency Room Medical Supplies and equipment
XRAY Machine
Tents (small and very large)
2-way radios
non perishable foods


United States
Area of Expertise: 
Skill Needed: 
Need volunteer recruiters to help gather goods (food, medicine, clothes) AND locate professionals willing to travel to Haiti per the posting above.
Goods Needed: 
Almost everything you can imagine!

Surgeon and supplies sought

We are located about sixty-five miles southwest of Port-Au-Prince. Below you will find the exact coordinates for a field where helicopters have and can land. The field is less than ¼ mile from our hospital. Our hospital has 40 free beds, a fully functioning operating room, as well as a field next door that can serve as a temporary refugee camp for families.

We need the following:

1) Surgeons (orthopedic especially)

2) Portable x-ray machine

3) All Necessary Surgical Supplies

Area of Expertise: 
Skill Needed: 
Goods Needed: 
2) Portable x-ray machine 3) All Necessary Surgical Supplies 4) General Essential Medicines 5) Blood 6) Diesel Fuel and Gasoline to Run the Generators and Vehicles 7) Water Filters

Medical Supplies requested to South Florida

DERA has received a request for emergency assistance from the medical director of Living Hope Mission in Camp Hatien for following list of medicine and supplies. DERA can arrange airlift from southern Florida if donor can get it there. Please respond if you can assist.


Quantity: Any amount up to total shipment weight 2,000 pounds in initial shipment. No minimum.

Medications needed

Area of Expertise: 
Goods Needed: 
1- Antibiotics ( Amox, doxicycline, Ampiciline, ciprox, cefalexine, penicillin etc….) 2- Antihypertensive ( atenolol, nifedipine, enalapril, hctz, furosemide, amlodipine etc…) 3- gas, gloves, serum, mask, hand sanitizer etc… 4- Serum ( saline, harlac, dextrose etc…) 5- Antitetanic 6- Gammaglobulina Humana 7- Antifungicos ( clotrimazol, fluconazol, ketokonazol, calamine oxide de zinc etc….) 8- Antihemeticos 9- antianemicos 10- Anvtivirales 11- Antidiarreicos ( Imodium, loperamide etc…) 12- Antidiabeticos ( metformina, glibenclamida etc….) 13- Ophtalmic drops 14- Bronchodilatadores aerosol o inhaler 15- Carbamazepine 16- Trimetoprim sulfa 17- Children advil 18- Chloramphenicole 19- hydrocortisone 20- Vitamins 21- Diazepam ( injection, oral, rectal) 22- Diphendramine ( injection- oral) 23- Anestesicos locales 24- Brushes and toothpaste 25- Syringue 26- Lanzoprazole, Naproxen 27- Pepto bismol 28- Loratadine 29 bethadine 30- Anti acid 31- Antiseptic soap 32- Head Lamps