I can follow the lead of anyone

I am willing to travel to Haiti to help in way I am able.


Lansing, MI
United States
Area of Expertise: 
Skill Offered: 
Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant- Vitals, EKG, Central Service Tech,(sterilization) CPR-BCLS certified, Give shots, I also have experience in food handling- I was an Assistant Manager of a restaurant for just under 2 years. (If that is helpful at all).

I would love to travel to Haiti and lend a helping hand. I have some Medical experience. I am trying to put together "Pennies for Haiti", with my daughter's school-Kendon Elementary- Lansing, Michigan. We will be accepting donations and medical supplies such as..... (crutches, bandages, creams, and anti-biotic ointments).I know it is not much but it allows my daughters to be involved. Thank You!