Haitian Creole

Haitian Creole and Cultural Immersion Program

Kiskeya Guest House is pleased to announce a 2 week intensive Haitian creole and cultural immersion program in Petite-Riviere, Leogane (Haiti) on January 15-January 28, 2012. The program is geared towards health care workers, volunteers and relief workers seeking cultural competency and/or to assist in the post-earthquake reconstruction of Haiti . Participants will gain a greater understanding of the Haitian culture and learn the basics of the Haitian creole language through a combination of workshops and one to one pairing with native speakers.


Area of Expertise: 
Skill Needed: 
Medical personnel and volunteers seeking cultural competency and Haitian creole language instructions

Multilingual (including Haitian Creole) with 5 years experience as educator


Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States
Area of Expertise: 
Skill Offered: 
Teacher (5yrs experience), translator, Haitian Creole (conversational), Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), ecology & sustainability (amateur)
Goods Offered: 
Educational materials / books

I would like to find a charitable organization that has the need for a teacher and/or a person committed to doing any task (from helping to build homes / schools for earthquake victims to working on sustainable agricultural projects) where knowledge of Haitian Creole would be an asset.

If coordination with other programs is necessary, I would enjoy helping with editing and translation as I have a background in these areas. My main ability is teaching (I have an MA in linguistics / Second language acquisition and ESL certification), so, of course, this is the area I would enjoy helping the most. I have experience with adolescents and young adults, but I have taught younger students.

Languages Spoken: