good heart

i want to help summer 2010


Area of Expertise: 
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help building making food making children happy a little bit od everything
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Please, allow me to help


Stillwater, MN
United States
Area of Expertise: 
Skill Offered: 
I am very good with my hands, and I am young and strong. Givin the opprotunity, i would do all that is asked of me to help those people that need it down there. I manufacture security locks so i know alittle engineering, I go to school for music so im good with arts, and i will do whatever else is asked of me. I used to council people with varies illnesses, so i also offer my heart, to help who need its. So an overview of what i have to offer is this: 1. Good with hands, can work construction or engineering 2. Caring and compasionate 3. Musicion 4. Willing to do whatever is needed

I would give and do anything to travel to Haiti and be part of the solution. I am very much hoping someone gives me that opprotunity. I love the feeling, when you know youve helped someone, wether they know your did it or not, and you just feel so up-lifted. And i love doing it. So i hope i have a chance to go and help.