Fantastic Project Manager/Adminstrator/Teacher of English (TEFL) and masses of experience working with people and children

Cultural Exchange in Schools/Summer Camp For Kids Projects-- Call for Volunteers this Summer!

Volunteer for 2-3 weeks this summer (May-July) in Haiti with VFP!!! Volunteers will be working with local teachers, volunteers and community members to run summer camps for children and help develop community/school gardens. The focus will be sharing cultural information, English language, reinforcing clean water and hygine lessons, and sustainable local food production. Activities might include sharing of language and culture, sports, games, music, theater, art projects, animal husbandry, gardening, and a great deal more.


Volunteers For PeaceBurlington , VT, 05401
United States
Skill Needed: 
Volunteers who speak some French or Creole are especially welcome although much can be communicated through actions, pictures and friendship.

An experienced lady who wants to create an oppportunity and contribute to educating and developing the Haitian people but in particular parentless children to a better future.


United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: 
Business Development
Skill Offered: 
People Skills, Organisational Skills, Communcation Skills, Languages - Teaching English, (Basic French), Parenting Skills, Teaching, Handling Multiple Projects.

In any way that I can. From rolling up my sleeves and assisting with clear up to cooking a good meal, fetching water, cuddling a lonely child or reading a story. Assisting medical staff in hospitals to educating children. Adminstering and organising projects.