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The GENESIS Network = Reinstating the concept of 100% Transparency and Integrity to Charitable Giving and Philanthropy. We nee YOUR help!


Miami, FL
United States
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I am the Director of Outreach for The GENESIS Network, an international human-rights organization developing projects that protect and empower the world's most at-risk children and their communities. Freelance photojournalist and work full time as a fine-art photographer. Photography can benefit a cause or organization in any number of ways - contact me for brainstorming. Private pilot. Can access R22 and R44 helicopters and experienced rotor pilot if needed.
Goods Offered: 
This organization is dedicated to 100% transparency - 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to our projects, period. My goal, in this forum, is to connect those of you that have something to share, a desire to help and make things happen with the individuals, groups or projects (our own, or otherwise) where you can make the greatest difference to the most people.

I currently have access to 113,000 PuR water filtration (calcium hydrochlorite) satchets, each of which can filter 10L of water.

I also have plenty of ideas and potential contacts and resources to draw from. Contact me with your ideas and we'll do everything possible to make some good things happen.

What we lack in financial resources, we make up for exponentially with experience, background and a 'nothing's impossible' approach to everything. Tested and proven:)

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