An architect with relevant experience looking for a long-term professional volunteering in Haiti.


Novi Beograd
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I've been working as a professional architect for 3 years in 3 different countries, engaged in design and development. A bit less than a year I worked on the construction site as a chief-architect, monitoring and coordinating all of the activities. I have experience with emergency projects and architecture for unprivileged communities, and I am willing to help.

I would be delighted to come to Haiti and help on some construction site or with the design. I'm also open for any other options (like on-line volunteering) that might help.

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Volunteer architect working on a Multi-purpose Educational Center for the Village of Lebrun, Haiti

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LaurelLaurel, MD
United States
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ARCHIVE works at the intersection of health and housing. We use one basic need – housing – to deliver one basic right – health.
Our mission is twofold:

We renovate inadequate housing for those who are economically disadvantaged, using simple measures to reduce their vulnerability to poor health.

For those already suffering from poor health, we create home-based care facilities in order to make housing central to the deliverance of suitable care.


Bioengineering Group

Bioenginnering Group offers services in:
•Flood Control & Hurricane Protection Infrastructure
•Renewable Energy
•Environmental Remediation
•Coastal, River & Wetland Restoration
•Land Development, Site Planning & LEED Design
•Parks, Open Space & Greenways
•Watershed & Stormwater Management
•Community Process, Permitting & Training
•Construction Management, Design / Build