EMT-b / Carpenter Seeking Volunteer Position in Haiti


Missoula, MT
United States
Area of Expertise: 
Skill Offered: 
I am an EMT hoping to volunteer with a medical mission in Haiti. I am a carpenter by trade and would be also be glad to work on reconstruction or clean-up efforts.

I want to volunteer my medical training or carpentry and construction experience for service in Haiti. I offer to work starting any time, and can remain as late as June 1 of this year. I am physically fit and comfortable with any form of deprivation. I need no pay, and can afford a flight though I would hope to be provided with shelter and perhaps some food.

International Medical Angels Network

International Medical Angels Network (IMANI ) provides healthcare through developing networks that assist in health education, clean water filtration systems, shelter, and supportive care, which will promote sustainable infrastructures with a focus on women and children in Haiti and other carribean neighbors and the United States